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Work Is a State of Mind, Not a Place

Work Is a State of Mind, Not a Place

A recent survey of business executives concluded that work isn’t really a place any longer — it’s a state of mind. That’s because mobile technology and social networking make it easier for us to merge the professional and the personal. As this infographic shows, 98% of executives say they send work-related emails on nights and weekends, and the same percentage deal with personal matters at the office.

The Work State of Mind


I have no doubt that this holds true in the nonprofit world too.

But what are the implications for nonprofit communications staff? Is this good, bad, or neutral for your nonprofit?

I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments. 


Originally published on Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog

  • Rachel Dean

    This is so timely. I have just gone through the work/personal time conversation with my supervisor, and as a fundraiser I find it is a precarious balance. If I need to build relationships with a small business owner, and I have a chat with her while I am shopping in her store, is that personal or professional time? If I am on Facebook posting about things happening in our non-profit on my personal page, should I be on or off the clock? The answers are not clear-cut.