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Hi! I’m Kivi.

I put this site together because people ask me questions all the time about how I run a successful online training, coaching, and consulting business. What it’s like to be a public speaker as an introvert. How I produce a popular webinar series. How I write so much content, including a daily blog and two books. How I make enough money to live the life I want from a nonprofit clientele. How I get it all done while raising two kids with a busy husband who travels too.

And I’m not afraid to answer honestly, and to share most of what I’ve learned with you.

I also built this site as a creative outlet for writing on topics that don’t really fit my other blogs:

  • Integrating work and home life
  • Writing, speaking, and coaching for a living
  • Stories of my own personal growth

If you are interested in how to do nonprofit marketing, communications, and fundraising, see Nonprofit Marketing Guide and my Nonprofit Communications blog.

If you are interested in how to build a clientele of nonprofit organizations as a consultant or freelancer, and serve those clients well, see Get Nonprofit